The Umbrella Bubble is a wearable object that changes one's perception of reality. The form is constructed of a bicycle helmet, an umbrella, a shower curtain, plenty of duct-tape, and other various decorative elements. While wearing it, a person can become completely anonymous to the world around them. The bubble allows the wearer to create a personalized "world inside the world" where he can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the obtrusive stare of the people around him. The outside reveals little of the wearer's identity. The umbrella, black shower curtain, and translucent yellow gauze are the only things visible to the outside observer. The wearer's feet protrude from under the stabilizing hoola-hoop and plastic yellow gloves are attached to either side for only imperative contact with the world outside the bubble. The inside is colorfully decorated with Christmas ornaments, lights, and silver beads. A small fan wafts the pleasing fragrance of Christmas around the space encircling the wearer's cranium.
        The opacity of the shower curtain, the limited view through the translucent yellow fabric, and the forced restricted personal space successfully secludes the wearer from dumbfounded observers. It can be used in any context, from going to the grocery store to taking a stroll through the park. The bubble's purpose is to create a decorative, sheltered reality for a character who does not want to be part of or in direct contact with the surrounding world and mass population.

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